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For sale: off the grid rural properties

For sale: off the grid rural properties

If your looking for off the grid rural properties its important to do your research before you buy. The first decision you need to make is do you look to buy an existing off the grid rural property or do you look for a blank canvass and develop it from scratch. There are pros and con’s on both options and obviously the budget you have available will be an integral component to shaping the outcome. 

Buying an existing off the grid rural property 

The beauty of buying an existing property is that most of the hard work has been done. The vendor will know the strengths and weakness of the house the land and the region and adapted to them overtime. Understanding the seasonal challenges of living off the grid and making adjustments around power, water supply, heating, waste etc can be the difference between success and failure.

With existing infrastructure in place you also have an understanding of what if any future capital expenditure is required to maintain the lifestyle.  If you decide to buy an existing property and have short listed the region and have a clear budget then its just a mater of remaining patient until you find the right property.

Specialist rural website’s such as farmbuy.com  provide the ideal place to start your journey.

Building an off the grid rural property 

If you decide to build your dream property it can be a challenging but also incredibly rewarding experience.  The research required needs to be detailed and extensive with almost every factor needs to be accessed.

Living off the grid means living in a self sufficient manner without public utilities. This is not only electrical power it includes water supply, gas, heating and sanitation.


Clearly the local climate plays a significant impact on the selection process. Having enough rainfall water throughout the year is vital. Understanding the seasonal sunlight hours and wind are essential for providing a consistent power supply. The size and aspect of the land are also key factors to the decision making process. Does the aspect provide the opportunity to capture the maximum sunlight hours? Is there a dam or the potential to build one? Is there a well, stream or spring on the property?

Understanding what you can and can’t do to the property is important. This link will help you understand the many pitfalls of buying a bush block and building your off the grid dream.

The recent advances in the technology have made a considerable impact to off the grid living.  Solar Power energy storage and domestic wind turbines are two areas of significant improvement in recent years.  The Government website yourhome.gov.au provides some excellent information to start your research. This site also provides valuable information on sanitation options such as septic tanks, dry toilets and composting toilets etc.



For sale: off the grid rural properties


off the grid property farm for sale farmbuy.com

Off Grid Stand Alone Sustainable Living. This lovely lifestyle 10ha property is situated just 25mins West of Gin Gin in the beautiful WideBay rea. Modern converted Industrial shed home with large verandahs, stainless steel chefs kitchen, new Gas Stove, Walk in Pantry, Gas Hot Water, Plenty of Storage. 2 flitch log cabins one with outdoor kitchen and separate bathhouse used as visitors accommodation. 3.5KVA Solar System with 2 Wind Generators and a 10KVADiesel Generator that has 3phase power available, included in sale is 1x 12volt 200 ltr Fridge, and 1x200ltr 12volt Chest Freezer.



520 Acres. This property is a great getaway set up with shed and rainwater tanks your own little piece of paradise. During the wet season creeks flow with beautiful crystal clear water. With endless potential uses and a location those that love nature dream off. Located less than 13 klms for the historic township of Adelaide River this has the potential to become your new permanent place of residence. Located across from the entrance to Robin Falls this lot of 520.40 acres has a so much potential for those wanting to get of the grid!


Have you ever wanted to go bush and leave all your urban cares behind? This 152 freehold acre property offers you just that opportunity. With approximately 30 acres cleared, this land is level to hilly including mountainside which you can climb for awesome views. A one bedroom transportable is located on the property for your weekend getaways and there are two dams plus a 2 meg irrigation water licence for plenty of water.



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