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Forestry Property For Sale

Forestry Property For Sale

If your looking for Rural Forestry Property for sale farmbuy.com has a great selection of  to choose from. When you start looking for a Forestry Property For Sale it’s important to do your research before you buy a Rural Forestry Property.

Australia’s commercial plantations are mostly located in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.  In 2014–15 the area covered by commercial plantations was 1.95 million hectares. The area of commercial plantations increased from 1990 to 2010, but reduced by 44 thousand hectares (2%) between 2010–11 and 2014–15.

The area of native forest that was available and suitable for commercial wood production in 2015–16 was 28.1 million hectares. this area was made up  of 6.3 million hectares was in multiple-use public native forests and 21.8 million hectares was in leasehold and private forests.

The value of logs harvested from native forests and commercial plantations was $2.3 billion. This was an increase of 22%, from $1.9 billion in 2010–11.​​

For a full detailed report visit Department of Agriculture – ABARES website.

There are also many other government and industry websites that you should visit when you are looking for Rural Forestry Property for sale. 


Rural Forestry Property for sale  TAS – FRANKFORD 

forestry property for sale tas farmbuy

This attractive parcel of land at Frankford has been held by the same family for many years. Consisting of 95.77 hectares in total, the land contains approximately 61 hectares of native bush, with the balance 35 hectares of privately owned plantation. Franklin Rivulet and Brandys Creek traverse the property and would provide stock water. Good roading throughout the property enable easy access for future harvesting of plantation trees. A small weekender cabin is located in a private spot and adjoins a barn and workshop. This farm, in a relatively high rainfall area, will provide grazing potential for the future or can simply be enjoyed in its present state.


Rural Forestry Property for sale SA – HOPE FOREST

forestry property for sale sa

Located on the lifestyle-friendly Fleurieu Peninsula in a steady rainfall area, this stunning property of 24.2Ha (approx 60 acres) was a dairy farm until the late 1980’s. It has since undergone a long-term revegetation project with approximately half of its area planted to farm forestry and conservation species. ‘The Farm’ has previously been used by Australian Forest Growers as a ‘benchmark’ site for other forestry projects.


Rural Forestry Property for sale  WA – Wellstead

forestry property for sale wa

Outstanding and unique are the best words to describe this investment property – exponential rising future returns. 541 ha, fenced Blue gum plantation – established 2004 – 560 ha. Five years in 2nd rotation. This is an excellent investment on its own! Machinery shed, shearing shed and workshop.



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