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Farmbuy.com Regions Overview

Farmbuy.com Regions Overview

Farmbuy.com Regions Explained

If you are looking for a farm for sale on farmbuy.com its important to understand how the regions are categorised.  Each listing on farmbuy.com is mapped to an Australian weather region/district. All the regions used on farmbuy.com are aligned to those used by the Bureau of Meteorology for weather observations. This enables our audience to understand the type of weather that can be expected in the area where they are looking to purchase a property or find farms for sale in Australia.

The annual rainfall maps that also appear on Bureau of Meteorology website also provide an invaluable insight when looking for farms for sale.  These maps show the average annual, seasonal and monthly rainfall over the period 1961 to 1990. Average annual rainfall is calculated by adding rainfall totals over a specified period (1961 to 1990) and dividing by the number of years in that period (30 years in this case). Similarly, average seasonal/monthly rainfall is calculated by adding seasonal/monthly rainfall totals and dividing by the number of years in the specified period.

The annual rainfall map shows that extensive areas in central Australia are generally very dry. Rainfall in these areas is highly variable and falls on very few days

Rainfall generally increases towards the coast as proximity to both moisture sources and reliable rain-producing weather systems improves. Elevation also has an important influence on rainfall, with the mountain areas of northeastern Queensland, southeastern Australia and western Tasmania receiving higher rainfall totals.

Below is each state and its regions. By clicking the map you can navigate to the Bureau of Meteorology page and explore both current and historical weather observations.

Farms for sale – NSW Regions

Farms for sale – Northern Territory Regions

Farms for sale – Queensland Regions

Farms for sale – South Australian Regions

Farms for sale – Victoria Regions

Farms for sale – Tasmanian Regions

Farms for Sale – Western Australian Regions





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