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Farm Agistment

Farm Agistment


Farm Agistment has been a popular tradition in Australia for over 150 years. By definition, Agistment describes the movement of livestock from a property where there is little feed or water to another property where there are adequate supplies. Such an arrangement normally involves payment, but it may still be cheaper than hand feeding your animals

Farm Agistment – Income options for the land owner

When agisting your property to a stock owner there are two popular options with regards to income.

  1. Price per head of stock
  2. Price per acre

Over the last 10 years a third option being that of profit or farm sharing has become increasingly popular. Share farming enables a stock owner or farmer to operate a farming operation without providing the upfront capital required to own land. By definition, share farming means that both
the share farmer and the land owner share in the risks of farming

Farm Agistment – Considerations

The are many points to consider before agisting your stock on a property including the following:

  1. Quality of fencing – Will your stock be secure?
  2. Feed Level – Is there sufficient feed to last for the tenure of the lease?
  3. Water Availability – Is there sufficient water available to support your herd
  4. Facilities – Are there stock yards to enable easy transport of your stock to and from the property and to support anaimal health
  5. Land Owner support – What level of support is the land owner able to provide. i,e Can they keep an eye on stock and visitors to and from the property
  6. Return – Is the cost of the lease economically viable
  7. Agreement – Is there a solid leasing agreement in place to cover both parties in case of unforeseen circumstances

Government departments provide many resources such as agreement templates and guides for agistment. Visit the relevant department  (such as the Department of Primary Industry) to read more on Agistment in Australia



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